Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December's First Poem

My Voice

After long years
I have my Voice back

My Voice has been used in commercials
Without my permission
To sell me things I do not need

I will fight for my Voice
I will fight with my Voice
I will not let you listen to me
I will make you hear me

My Voice was infected with spyware
So I kept silent, kept small
No longer will I let you listen
I will make you hear

My Voice was lost in chat rooms of people
Wandering in valleys of depressions
My Voice was blown on dirty winds
Now, I have found my Voice again

My Voice is not autotuned
It does not sound like a Hollywood actor
It is as beautiful as a wet iron nail pulled from drywood
It is as lovely as old nails on a new blackboard

My Voice tells me what is right
I have not listened to my Voice
I have only heard it from afar

After long years
I have my Voice back



  1. Glad you do, and thanks for becoming my first follower!! I'll try not to turn the blog into some sort of world-destroying cult, but no promises.

  2. world destroying cults are okay as long as I get to play too...