Saturday, December 25, 2010

1980s Retro Disco Night

Woot woot!
Smoky bar that stays in your clothes and hair
Elvis-fringed costumed funkologist
(Weekdays he’s a proctologist)
Spinning MP3s of thirty year old tunes ripped from YouTube
That’s retro

Tunsa tunsa!
Divorcee girls shimmy in thirty year old hotpants
Scribble their numbers on paper scraps
(To any man who doesn’t look half crap)
Dancing married guys try not to meet any eyes
That’s retro

Bowdiddy bowdiddy!
Grey hairs, wrinkles disappear into the flashing strobelights
Rhinestone bowlers perch on balding heads
(Toes tap and eyes shine on the seated half dead)
Decayed synapses fire but old bodies cannot follow
That’s retro

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