Friday, December 24, 2010

It Ain’t All Bad in 2011

Hello 2011!
I thought there’d be weekly rockets to the moon by now
I planned to spend a summer backpacking on the Moon or Mars
Or maybe even teleport or warp somewhere random
But it ain’t all bad
The airport scanners can now see my every nook and granny
And junk food on 12 hour flights is made from recycled styrofoam peanuts

Nice to meet you 2011!
Honestly, I thought we’d all be equals by now
But women are still hitting their heads on transparent ceilings
And people are still blowing themselves and others up for gods
But it could be worse
Johanna Sigurdardottir and Barack Obama are in office
And Muslim countries have had more female presidents than Christian ones

Come on in 2011!
Truth to tell, I thought we’d all have translators by now
Supercomputers in our fountain pens and robot butlers
With cool cybernetic arms housing grappling hooks and lasers
But look on the bright side
Babies are made in test tubes for troubled couples
And smart phones allow us to know less than ever

So stay awhile and have a drink
The world will move on the way it must
And no matter what you or I think
The future always leaves our science fiction in dust

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