Friday, December 3, 2010

Kingdom of Father and Son

Welcome, son, to this island
The far-flung end of our realm, Heaven on Earth
Though in truth that land, Yeonpyeong
Is also rightfully ours
Stolen by the freedom-hating Migooks

Look at our mighty soldiers
We breed them small and strong and fierce
To sneak in and kill the ogrish Migooks
Look at our mighty guns
Perfect design since the days of our father Sung

That button? Go ahead, press it
As my sole and rightful heir it is yours
Hear the explosion? Feel the shake?
That noise? It is gulls crying, nothing more
Or sirens the Migook sound in their fear

Come, let us go home to our bunker
Watch a movie, Marilyn Monroe
Open a bottle of brandy, order a girl for you
Have a fine meal, smoke some cigars
One day this will all be yours

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