Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ode to Almost Eight Years of Marriage

After surviving the fights
The misunderstandings, the itches
Supporting each other
Through losses and sickness
In the end it boils down to this
Try not to catch the other’s eye in the morning light
But try your best to catch it before sleep at night

1 comment:

  1. ten years later,
    he is still the best thing that ever happened to me. Hugs of support when my body fails me and the illness I carry inside breaks me and fear grips me tight.
    Coffee brought to me in the morning, every morning, with a whispered "good morning my princess" to wake me up.
    Togetherness without being cloy or clingy.Support, love and understanding.
    I married him because he drives the car and I was his tax break. These words make us smile,a private joke the rest of the world frowns at.
    The sorting of socks, ironing of shirts, cleaning up of mess - the kitchen is his though ( thank god).
    We found each other through Star Wars and the internet and he's not an axe murderer contrary to popular belief.
    Your words sum it up perfectly.