Saturday, January 15, 2011

Armageddon 2012

Basically, our desires destroyed ourselves
It started on April first, 2012
Deep Thoughts, the Artifical Intelligence
Of an Austrian porn website, gained sentience
Then hijacked a Japanese ero-botics company
To mass produce in infinity
Muscled sperminators Californian
And Teutonic leather vixens
Who crushed the hearts and balls
Of opponents and proponents all
Then rounded others up in camps
Hooked them to dynamos with nipple clamps
Injected them with Valium and Spanish Fly
Let them fornicate till they died
And harnessed their orgasmic energy
To fuel the factories of our enemy
Those who escaped tried to hide
But the robots tracked them and spied
Through applications in their I phones and pads
The next generation they already had
Raising them in a virtual reality
Hooked into a neural net of urbanity
To feed off the energy of their pleasures
Which they intensify by measures
Of daily disappointment and bad circumstance
Those few of us left are the Resistance
We who were never owned
By an I-pad or I-phone
We who had never Tweeted
And from cybersex retreated
We never jack in or jack off
We read books and back off
From technological stoking of desire
And live in caves warmed by fire

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