Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gods of War and Pornography

Twin gods of this futuristic age
You have made technology your slave
Compel it to reach undreamed heights
Like Icarus we fly burning into its light
Or Prometheus stealing bolts of lightning
Making clusterbombs or clusterfucks frightening
How then shall we name thee?

Electronic god of modern warfare
A line of old war deities’ newest heir
Your lineage from Ares and Bellona
Stretching back over five millennia
The ancient spear and club outdone
By your neutron bomb and killer drone
You stand between war and games
Therefore if we are to decide names
Ares Vanatio we dub thee

Digital goddess of pornography
Minted by this strange society
Far from Cupid, but Kin to Eros
Lying between Desire and Sorrows
Symbols neon light, curtains, tissues
Rooms from which a girl’s cry issues
Your are the lust of one, not many
What then shall we name thee?
Eros Apelpizo

Twin gods of this futuristic age
Lest technologies make us your slaves
And to your temples ourselves we chain
We must learn the name of Love again
And swear to it as our true master
Or consign this human race to disaster

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