Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflections – Mid December to January 11

I seem to gravitate between these imagined dialogues or twin commentaries that asymmetrically handle a subject from two sides. If you went to grad school with me, you might have an idea who these people are. And for every one who dashes your faith in human nature or institutions, thankfully there is one who reconfirms it. Thank you Bill.
l         February
I have never liked the month of my birth. From having to share it with my brother as kids, to always having bronchitis and strangling in oxygen tents, February has tried to kill me many times.
l         It Ain’t All Bad in 2011
2011 sounds so futuristic, but all our sci-fi suppositions and big dreams have proven lies, while our lives have changed in so many small but profound ways. It is something to laugh at.
l         1980s Retro Disco Night
Funny to go to a disco as a 40 something married man and see your youth replayed as vintage. Like seeing your granddad in a school uniform.
l         My Body
If you’re in your twenties or under, you won’t get this. If you’re creaking along past thirty, every year you’ll understand it more. I don’t see it as fearful, just natural and wistful.
Fighting again. The other side of love. If you didn’t love, you’d just walk away.
l         Ode to Dishwashing
My first job at 18, and what I mostly do in the house. Any type of washing is therapeutic, like sweeping a dojo floor. North Americans need more of this.
l         Poetry
Funny how the thing that uses similes and metaphors most is immune to them. I like this.
l         The State of Christmas
Seeing common, supposedly warm events through a paranoid lens. This is why babies are terrified of Santa.
l         New Year’s Day Report
Old Hill Street Blues style dialogue. It’s funny how we all have different cultural experiences on the same day. Someone’s got to clean it all up as well.

This is a straight ripoff of Tokyo Police Club’s Harrowing Adventures. Love that song, makes me think of Wooly and me in St. John’s 1991-1992. Still listen to the live acoustic version of that song 10 times a day.
l         Notice - Gone for 3 days
Atami was heaven. Soaked in hot water, sake, and beer. I feel my verse has improved after returning. Maybe I was fatigued.
l         For Fiona
Thank you so much, Merly. They are beautiful. I am still looking for some way to repay you.
l         Lake Biwa
Another dialogue. Biwa is on my jogging route, and I love her, but she is dirty. Shame how we treat Nature while professing our love for her.
l         The Sinking Island
Allegory for developed and developing countires, blah blah blah. I like it.
There’s something liberating yet sad about cutting people from Facebook, especially how it doesn’t inform you you’ve been cut. I doubt any of these people would regret or resent me cutting them. Farewell and long may your big job draw.
l         The Misery of Winter
Saying ‘You’re Canadian, you must love the cold’ is like saying ‘You’re a plumber, you must love shit.’ No, you live with it, unless you can’t any more.
l         String of Lights
When all the pressure is off you can see the beauty of things.

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  1. my birthday is in Feb as well on a particularly rotten day and I also hate it. But being born in Feb means we are Aquarius and that makes us special So it's a good trade off.