Saturday, January 8, 2011

To The Five People I Cut From Facebook Today

One, high school classmate
Never friends at any rate
Just sat and suffered in the same room for three years
Now I refuse to suffer comments from your boorish peers
Fate speed you on your way

Two, close friend from university
Married and moved far across the sea
No longer has time or inclination for old friends
Know that my door is always opened
If ever you recall my face

Three, person utterly unknown
A mystery how you entered my zone
Your name never on my lips
To each other we are less than blips
Fare thee well

Four, ancient ex-lover
Of nostalgia we accepted each other
But soured love from which we had moved
Kept our friendship ever closed
Good luck in life and love

Five, ex-lover’s friend
Our acquaintance had its end
Your life in the circus looks interesting
I am sure you will do great things
May the net always catch you

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