Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bliss Versus Canada

Is it the Canadian cold
Vampire wind which steals breath
That keeps us from speaking freely?

1960, great year of change
Southern neighbors marched in the streets
Asking what they can do for their country
Demanding freedom for the black man
Freedom from killing the yellow man
Diefenbaker’s tattered Bill of 1960
Protected neither freedom for the red man
Nor any lifegiving hardworking woman
Bliss versus Canada

Now unmusical Harper
Uses the scepter of England’s crown
To stop the law of Canada
To bully peaceful gatherers
To draw green lifeblood from the provinces
And gives nothing back but
Bliss versus Canada

When will Canada find its voice?
When will we will ride Trudeau’s charter
And let our laws no longer be
Bliss versus Canada

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