Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moving Blood

Mother’s blood to keep alive
Marched shivering behind caribou
Across a bridge of ice and earth
Long before history knew

Ancient Thule killed and lived
Unmolested along Labrador’s coast
Until black robes appeared
Giving their body to eat as host

Robes returned and ruled
Devouring ancient wisdom and ways
Stoppered her blood in villages
Bound life with clocks and days

Orkney blood came rushing in
Fleeing from Europe’s wars
Inuit maids fled brutal lives
Wed trappers from Europe’s stores

Father’s blood fled Gaul
To live in Fenian territory
Mere centuries ago
Giving name to my family

Starved out by English nobles
Hand stained in bloody crime
Fled again across Atlantic waves
To mix again with Gaulish lifewine

Cruel crucible of Labrador
Fused mother and father’s blood
Love withered and fled
But blood lives on in brood

My blood has taken me
Far from nightless Labrador
Far even from docile Canada
To sunrise on Nihon’s pacific shore

Whether my blood stops here
Or mingles with noble Yamatonochi
Think not that I have moved my blood
But know that it has moved me

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