Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ode to Beer

O! Woman’s drink from times Sumerian
Stolen from feminine hands in ages past
Brewed until Elizabeth to support children
Then taken by greedy innkeepers at last
Just as midwifes were pushed out of medicine
To satisfy Renaissance man’s cruel bombast

In Papua New Guinea made with women’s spit
Still the life filled aqua vitae of fermentation
Ample bosomed hippies wash their hair with it
In English lands it rules the pubs of the nation
From Quebec comes La Fin du Monde and le Maudit
To go with poutine or else just for degustation

I admit I did not appreciate you as a youth
And still don’t enjoy your dark bitter brew
I preferred the decadent grape in truth
And did so for ages till better I knew
The pleasant bite of your bitter tooth
The camaraderie of those who drink you

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