Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ode to Naked Celebrities

Oh Heidi,
Don’t let any hypocrite
Give you any more shit
Come to your own front door
In bra and panties, sure
I thought that was your job
Don’t listen to the unruly mob
Anyone who lambastes you is rude
He shows himself as prurient prude
Bra and panties is normal in the tropics
Only frigid idiots make it news topics

Mr. Kusanagi
Roll naked in the grass
Show Tokyo folks your ass
Don’t listen to the papers
They’re just jealous of your capers
You ask “What’s wrong with being naked?”
Indeed, the pleasure can’t be faked
I do it in the comfort of my home
But it seems you prefer to roam
You’re paid to bare all on the stage
Ignore those who now rant and rage

Dear Paris,
The motor sounds and red light
Should have tipped you off that night
But often in the throes of ecstasy
A girl loses sense of what’s next to she
It’s not your fault your man
Took the footage and then ran
But if he peddles your naked butt
Make damn sure you get your cut
It’s not as if you need the money
Give it all to charity, honey

What stars have others want it
So never be ashamed to flaunt it

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