Monday, February 7, 2011


Half-Inuit boy in Ontario
Farm of my father’s friend
Legs barely straddling tan flanks
Blond maned muscled beauty running free beneath me
Leather reins slipped from my fingers
Pitching forward grasping and hoping
A moment of terror then triumph

Long haired Labrador native
Étudiant amérindien au Québec
On a black prancer amid cold clouds of white
English signals confused le cheval
His rolling weight pressed my angel deep in the snow
The guide was shocked to see
My body black and blue and sore and alive

Young English teacher in Mongolia
Beside Gansook, descendant of khans
Small red roan pounding grass beneath me
Tourists all fallen except me
In my pride I raced a native son and put my hoof into a hole
Lost his balance, threw myself
Breathless and broken fingered

Married man’s last trip alone
Carried by a dark sweaty pony
Shuffling around the pyramids at Giza
Egypt is no place for galloping
Drinking water licking salt
Plodding along and staying shadowed

I lost control and I have fallen
Broken pride and bones
But I have never feared riding

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