Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Reflections

Ode to Japanese Buddhism
My RC upbringing was just the right medicine to cure me of religion. I’ll never become Buddhist, but seeing how people pay to get into to temples here, they’re definitely on to something.

The Garden
This sushi restaurant in Kyoto has a wonderful traditional teien at its center. I’ll take you there sometime.

Fortean Crimes
Our truth is stranger than any fiction. Even when paired with the supernatural, its unnatural nature stands out.

I hope they make it work, I really do.

Horses and me – I love them, I just have little luck riding them.

A Professor’s Life
If I can become a prof, I know what kind of life I want to live.

Mad Dog
Yep, I bite if you push me.

Little Fish
Some people think moving to a city makes them special snowflakes. It’s not where you go, it’s what you do.

Ode to Captain Kirk
Conversation with Glen always stretch the limits of my mind. Is a transported person still an original, or just a copy? What does this mean about their soul or self?

Moving Blood
Part of being Canadian is having travel in your blood, for me. Interesting to think where my blood has come from and where it has gone.

Ode to Dubai
Saw a documentary on this place. Is it for real? Will it last?


On Human Nature
Just a change in tone or inflection can show people’s true nature. Just read this one out.

If you’ve ever applied for a Phd, you know what I mean.

My Addictions
I have never found real addictions interesting, and am always disappointed by books or films that glamorize them. Mine are rather boring, but I can’t and don’t want to stop doing things that are good for me.

When In Rome
Eat local food. It’ll be cheaper and (usually) healther.

Discomfort Food
I usually let my better half decide, but sometimes I’d like to choose. Usually she notices it, this day she didn’t. Sure I am sensitive and over-reacted, but this was how I felt.

Back On The Path
The year end kills my fitness. It feels so good to get out and pound the pavement in the new year.

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