Monday, March 28, 2011

Ode to Schoolgirls

A quarter century has passed
Since I dreamed of your eyes and arms
Schoolboy from a priest and boy institution
With love in my heart and shit in my pants
You could not but shine in my eyes and heart and below
My young limbs yearned to entwine with yours
Without knowing what to say or do

As a young man
You became invisible to me
I drank beer and talked philosophy
With pot-bellied university women radicals
Then went to teach you in middle school
Where your shy smile and childish strategies
Substituted for a sister who grew up without me

Now an older man
I look at you again with affection
Your laughing short skirted beauty
Your verve and unwavering eye on what you want
And think that if you were my child
How nervously happy a father you would make me
How joyous would be the promise of your mind and womb

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