Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reflections from the Homeland

The Self and the Soul
More crazy conversations with Glen. As soon as we scientifically figure out where the soul is we are doomed anyway.
Three Bloody Valentines
Inspired by a challenge on my former student’s Facebook page. Thanks Alyssa!
Cheating Hearts
Really, cheaters need to grow a pair. Break up, find another, rinse, repeat.
Revolution of Girls
A bunch of guys rioting in the streets may look like a revolution, but until women are free, nothing really changes.
Bliss Versus Canada
The history of civil rights in Canada is bleak, but nobody knows it. The name of this court case adds a poignant beauty to the whole affair.
On Writing Daily
My philosophy, in case you’re wondering.
Ode to Naked Celebrities
Getting shocked by a naked celebrity is liked being scandalized by a stripper. It is a weird, schizophrenic schism between puritan and peeping tom in our culture.
The Age of Dominoes
They’re still falling.
In Fertility Clinics
Only women responded to this one. Even though I sit next to my lover, I don’t even know half of what she goes through.
When The Earth Opens Up
Ironic that I wrote this about Japanese people being pulled out from the rubble in Christchurch when the rescue teams are now heading back to Japan.
Academic Inflation
A degree is what you make of it. It is not a guarantee or a key, more of a prybar  which you have to know how and when to use.
Streets of Old Quebec
Beautiful old streets they were. Must go and see them again someday. And Ann and Jerome.
After the Moment
I had just had one of those major moments that have the potential to change your life, after which you need a moment of peace. A walk down the river is the perfect answer.
Ode to the Mall on a Sunday
Usually, I loathe malls on Sunday, but to see how Japanese turn it into a wonderland for kids is great.
Ode to Beer
Beer has such a weird history.
Marriage can create such bonds between people.
Inukshuks are just as much characters in the story of Labrador as the people.
Ten Things At A Time
Modern life is way too busy.
St. John's Night Streets
Got the change to walk as I did all those years ago. Much quieter these days. Everybody drives.

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