Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mr Sato

Mr Sato we are sorry to hear
You have lost all you hold dear
If there is anything we can do
Tell the government and we will help you

I’ve lost my house and farm
The rushing waves did such harm
All I had was washed away
I need support to live day by day

We’re sorry to have to inform
You haven’t submitted the right form
If you give us information for these lines
We could dispense funds in 2 weeks time

As I said my house is long gone
The safe that held such things was flung
And tossed by waves 3 stories high
I was lucky that I did not die

Mr Sato it is hard to believe
Forgetting documents when you leave
If you had been more careful
We could be much more helpful

I am sorry I was running for my life
That’s the moment I lost my wife
I know not if she’s alive or died
Soldiers stopped the search I tried

Mr Sato your personal matters
May indeed be in tatters
Still that is not an excuse
For submitting paperwork so loose

But my children need food now
I am not even certain how
We will survive hereon in
Eating from evacuation center bins

Mr Sato do not make this emotional
The key is to remain rational
If you could get this paperwork done
I will stamp your forms and be gone

If it’s paperwork you require
Follow the path of flood and fire
Go search the radiation zone
They’re in the splinters of my home

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