Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ode To The Bad Salaryman

I know some good salarymen
But you aren’t one of them
Like a crow you hop along to the feast
Happy to pick the scraps of dying business
Or sell something no one needs
Instead of striking out on your own
Or hunting new opportunities like a hawk
You dash across the road on a red light
Heedless of the children who emulate you
You speed the company car at corners
Nearly knocking housewives off their bikes
You stay out drinking then sleep in hotels
While your family slowly forgets your face
You think you are the new samurai
Serving your corporate daimyo
But you lack the courage or patience
Even the lowest bushi would have had
You are what needs to change in Japan
I have made good salarymen friends
Who rush home to see their children grow
And show their love to all around them
Who work to make their company great
Or leave and strike out on their own path
Bad salaryman, so long as you
Put salary before being a man
Neither you or your company will profit

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