Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ode to Naked Young People

I've almost completely ripped out
My faulty north american wiring
Puritanical sensors that tell me
To frown when I see a short skirt
Flashing 'SLUT' in red neon
Or a shirtless young man
Whose form makes me doubletake
Whence the fear of the body beautiful?
Whence the shame and indignation
For that which inspired Botticelli's Venus
And stood tensed for Michaelangelo's David?
In the staffroom tongues clucked
At high school I was taught now teacher
When I studied we hid our dirty parts
In baggy T shirts and jeans
The uniform of New World Disorder
Now that I teach I will be damned
Before I show anything but admiration
For a body beautiful enough to show
Or self-esteem to flaunt what you got

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