Monday, April 18, 2011

Ordinary Workplace

The new girl in the office
She came here in a rocket
Commuted on the stars
All the way from Mars
The guy in the mailroom
Is a sentient mushroom
Working in the dark
Next to where we park
The grumpy old file clerk
Stops to oil his clockwork
Servos clogged by the dust
And slowed up by the rust
Manager’s Australopithecus
He likes to mingle with us
Comes to show his furs
Off to all the office girls
The CEO’s new secretary
Is a scrawny Greek harpy
She’ll rend you with her claws
If you try to see the boss
The VP’s quite the host
For an avenging ghost
She shows clients around
The pool where she drowned
The boss himself I never met
He hasn’t manifested yet
His form comes into sight
Only when the stars are right
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here
Although you’re a bit queer
The single human face
At this ordinary workplace

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