Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sex in Space

Is it in the future
Or has it happened yet?
Was there any danger
Of getting the controls all wet?
Did the Soviets or the US win the race
To be the first to have sex in space?
If it happened in those early days
The victory laurel goes to the gays
Repressed 60s alpha males all
Twirling in a 69 freefall
But if those rocket men were too stressed
To put their docks and O-rings to the test
Then the mixed shuttle crews were the best chance
Of astronauts getting into each other’s pants
Those flight crew ratios of woman to man
Almost certainly ensured a gang bang
Or maybe skylab visitors scooped them by a few years
In which case once again win cosmonaut queers
But if the great experiment graced the ISS
There would be enough time and room for undress
And if the Soyuz stockers had the notion
To include containers of fragrant lotion
Visitors could engage in weightless mirth
Then post-coitally enjoy the view of earth

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