Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Tomb Robbers

Raiders of the Wasteland four
Came upon the pitted door
Of steel an arm’s length thick or more
There was Brunda, berserker princess
Six pendulous breasts tied back with dress
Her four swordarms many battles pressed
Next came cyclopean sorcerer Sim,
Staff of Shooting and Orbs of Fire with him
Wand of Light to pierce the dim
Silently creeping came Anan
Last pure strain of ancient man
Remnant of the race ‘fore Cataclysms began
Finally, strides mutant priestess of Thrum
Her healing herbs, her battle drum
Steel the band against what foes may come
Anan shushed them past the Sea of Doom
Where tentacles writhed in the gloom
Until the Cliff of Chaos loomed
When slow zombie cannibals did attack
Twas Brunda drove their numbers back
And lead the team through Hell’s Crack
When the band writhed with Tomb Fever
Thrum’s nameless nun from death delivered
Her companions with herbs found by Rat River
Now was the turn of Sim, uniocular mage
To seize the battle his band did wage
Against the door tarnished with age
“My Fire Orbs and Staff of Shooting
Are powerless against this great thing
We need to scout like bird on wing”
Wily Anan had skill and lacked all fear
Of heights, so climbed o’er the barrier
To find the chute that lay hidden there
Anan dropped to his allies a rope
Which they ascended in the hope
Of treasure in the darkened tomb to grope
The band egressed into a cell
Where ancient bones in strange costumes fell
For such ages that there was ne’er a smell
Singled sighted Sim to the far wall nods
The priestess thanks Thrum that against the odds
They had found a matrix of ancient Power Rods
Anan whimpered “Are we safe?” and began to cough
His worry made Brunda reply with a laugh
“After a thousand years we are safe enough.”

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