Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tyranny of Things

When I see you love your car
More than your loving wife
Who is half-mad afraid of scratching your precious
I want to kick in the doors
And take a sledgehammer to the windshield

When I see your eyes bloodshot
For looking into widescreens all day
Shushing and kicking people away
When the have to pass in front to get anywhere
I want to cut the cord with scissors
And throw it out the fourth floor window

When I see you caress your dolls
Dust and display and light them daily
Telling kids they’re not toys to play with
And talking to adults like they are kids too stupid to understand
I want to douse them in lighter fluid
And watch them burn out on a hill somewhere

In truth, I would be sad to lose my things
But I would get over it
And I would never value them more than those I love
I am no Buddhist or angel with wings
Just a man aware of the tyranny of things

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