Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Maniac Friends

The night I first met you
I was naked, painted blue
Tried to do my part, see
At the medieval club party
With the anachronistic hipsters
Then you came in your flippers
Lugged old wetsuit and scuba tank
Flapping across the floorplanks
Blinded in your foggy facemask
I just had to laugh and ask
Who was that maniac
I just had to make you my friend

You were always there from before
Lived in the house next door
Chased women in bars together
Then crashed in my bed together
Spiked our hair with Colgate
Showed up fashionably late
The girls you always dated
Were ones I always hated
Nothing I couldn’t tell you
We always ran pell mell through
You were the type of maniac
I just had to make my friend

Don’t remember when we first met
Happy and surprised we’re friends yet
With your eternal black clothing
Dry humor and world loathing
Next to my pink clothes and smile
Trading quips all the while
My first adult trip was with you
Canada and the States we drove through
I was happy with my beer and wine
Your smokes and shit made you fine
You and me are different types of maniacs
And I am so glad you’re my friend

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