Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ode to Super Villany

“Greetings scoundrels and femme fatales
You are welcomed to these hallowed halls
Of the League of Super Evillany
To report so that all may see
How our plans progressed this year
I turn first to this cowled figure here
Doctor Disaster with his nefarious
Plan to destroy the economy in ways various
Doctor, if you please!”

The crimson cowl slightly trembled
Then proclaimed before the group assembled
“In truth, I was beaten to the punch
By an evil and unscrupulous bunch
Who call themselves the Leman Brothers
They toppled banks and countries with credit bothers
Their villainy is so rank and complete
I debase myself, an amateur, at their feet!”
Then threw himself dejectedly in his chair

Next arose vile Countess Leather
With her scheme to wreck worldwide weather
“Years I toiled and fortunes wasted
Devising a ray to leave the world devastated
Alas big business got there before me
Machines slashing and burning to make money
Destroyed the ozone, nuked the food
It’s enough to make a villain turn good!”
She pouted and slumped in her seat

Last came the amoral Robobrain
Hoping to enslave people and drain
Them of imagination, love and will
“oF hUmAnS i HaVe HaD mY fIlL
tV aNd ThE iNtErNeT tOoK tHeIr MiNdS
lEfT nOtHiNg FoR mE BuT mElOn RiNdS
wHeN fOlLoWiNg EvIl PlAnS tO tHe LeTtEr
cOrPoRaTiOnS dO iT bEtTeR”
It folded into itself and powered down

For long minutes silence ruled the secret room
Each evil set of eyes burning in the gloom
Then the shadowy host spoke again
To his fellow miscreant men and women
“Can it be that villains are so spurned?
Let us take from this a lesson learned
True evil rests not with a villainous mind
But in creeping malevolence of a corporate kind
Good day all, and good night!”

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