Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Watching Edison’s Silent Kinetoscope Movies

Ghosts who remembered the Civil War and Slavery
Flickered black and white across my screen of LCD
As my computer played an MP3 of Blister in the Sun
Steaming horses pulled fire pumps and mustached men
A black maid roughly soaped in a tub all her baby’s parts
New York Irish cops in bobby hats rousted fruit vendor carts
Hand tinted dancers pranced their inexpert shtick
Then the man who birthed the lighted world electric
Which begat both all digital and nuclear work
Stood like an old awkward aproned apothecary clerk
Shyly smiling, brimming with 1890s gumption
Completely unaware of the promethean gift he had won
Or the old world of night he had undone

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