Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lament for Tripoli

Five centuries have passed
Since Spanish crusaders came
Their occupation did not last
Nor did our Barbary pirate fame

Now here in western Tripoli
We ache for our spring
Watched our brothers break free
Heard the freedom songs they sing

The general holds us in his sway
His green flags line the walls
Those he hates must run away
Or else be the first to fall

Fifteen years ago bombs fell
No shelter from attack
Turned the city into hell
Near broke the general’s back

The middle sea is at our doors
Europe far across the waves
Now Europe comes with lion’s roar
The path to freedom paves

Or so I thought till this morn
When all I who I held dear
Perished in flames hellborn
Left me bereft here

So I take up deadly arms
But not now for liberty
Although the general did great harm
Europe did more to me

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