Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Humanity

Funny bunch of apes, humanity
Limited to one tiny planet, see
Afraid of nothing, except their gods
Forever fighting over their sods
Eating all that walked or crawled
While their ugly cities sprawled
Always reaching for Promethean flame
When nukes went awry themselves to blame
One second clamoring for human rights
The next beating folks to pulp in fights
But possessed of a unique kindness
That almost makes up for their blindness
We tried to help them with our probes
But couldn’t reach their frontal lobes
In the end we left them to their lot
Except for drunken crashes on their spot
But if their problems resolve they should
We’ll welcome them in galactic brotherhood
Teach them how to in the cosmos thrive
And how they may these saucers drive
Wagering on their chances is quite nifty
The odds currently stand at fifty-fifty

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