Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Then and Now

Grown ups never go to school
Grown ups can dive in the pool
Grown ups get to go to work
Grown ups don’t sit next to a bullying jerk
Grown ups buy whatever they want
Grown ups have nothing they can’t
Grown ups get to stay up late
Grown ups never have to wait
One day a million years from now
I’ll be a grown up somehow
Then I’ll do whatever I please
And live a life of fun and ease

Children never go to work
Children don’t get bossed by a jerk
Children go outdoors and play
Children learn fun things all day
Children get all the good toys
Children are allowed to make noise
Children eat ice cream and candy
Children always have ma and dad handy
One day a million years ago
I was a child yet to grow
Then I did whatever I pleased
And lived a life of games and skinned knees

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