Monday, June 20, 2011

Won’t Stop Till The Motherfucking Top

When I first went to college
My father sent me and said it all is
About getting a diploma and a good position
Seemed easy but I never listened
How was I supposed to succeed
When I never had the direction I need?
Never taken to a club or lesson
Never pushed to do my best in
Never made to clean my mess up
To my shit I had to fess up
Hard to have a career
When raised in reverse gear
I don’t blame my momma or dad
They gave me what they never had
Meaning they didn’t know what to do with it
So here I come and screw with it
Yeah I made my mistakes
On school I pumped the brakes
Hitchhiked up to New York City
Found that working ain’t so pretty
But when that revelation passed
I tromped on the motherfucking gas
Tried to prove myself not the fool
By doing better than haters at school
Friends who jumped off along the way
Knew different ways to get their pay
Here I am now ten years later
Ten times smarter, ten times greater
Oldest student in the master class
Them younger pups can kiss my ass
Their daddy’s a prof and they breezed through uni
I had to bash through the walls like a loony
Any haters better step back or they’ll get dropped
Cause I won’t stop till the motherfucking top

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