Friday, July 29, 2011

Reflections July End

Reflections July End

I haven’t done a reflection since May, but my day job kept my pretty busy. Wrote a lot of poems in that time, and some of them are pretty good.

The Rani of Jhansi
Don’t know how I cam by her story, some random Google misread. Her tale enchanted me, so here it is.

Came to me at the same shrine. Sat drinking lemonade while huge boulders balanced overhead at the foot of the mountain, held aloft only by roots and lichen. That, my friends, is the precariousness of life.

Messages From Beyond
At a shrine in the hills and this came to me. People are desperate, so desperate to believe. When I’m gone I’m gone, believe me.

Modern Kama Sutra
Just a funny thought I had while making love and fearing that knock on the door on Sunday. Developed it a bit and voila.

The Storm God
If typhoons are the manifestation of gods, it only shows how feebleminded they are/

Ode to Sudan
I hope the partition solves some problems, I really do. Sudanese tell me their country is beautiful, but what people do to each other there is pretty ugly.

Where You Are At
It’s important to have a sense of scale. Life is infinitesimal, but not meaningless. And the narcissism of religion isn’t needed to give it meaning.

This Exile Life
We all make our choices. I am happy with mine.

Rice Husking
Something as simple as taking a bag of rice down to b husked can be filled with beauty, if you look at it right.

African Koan
I am dying to go on a safari. Seeing animals who have carved a niche in Africa’s nature could teach us so much.

A Poet’s Heart
Being a poet is even more important now, when science and capitalism suck the mystery from life.

The Right Time
The priorities of humanity are messed up. Just saying.

The World Forecast
The bullshit that countries put out as their version of common sense is really astounding. Thank Zod I am a citizen of the world.

Ode to Canada Day
Yep, a hot and sunny day to represent an icebox of a country.

The Rich Earth
Rich people think only of squeezing the most out of the planet. They seem to have forgotten that they have to live on it, too.

Ode to the Free Drink Machine at School
This thing is a lifesaver, and almost

The Country of Friday Night
Having a great Friday night at this age is like passing back into a parallel universe where you lived most of your time when you were 19. Nice to pop in again.

Japanese Summer Haikus
In addition to the normal heat and humidity, Fukushima has stolen a lot of relief from people in Japan. Hard summer coming.

Student Poetry
Getting students to write poetry was one of the best things I did this semester. Each class regardless of level surprised me. That fact that poetry is decoupled from the necessity of grammatical perfection and the avoidance of ambiguity that marks good prose makes it a great exercise for students. They stumbled into some good phrasing.

Lament for Tripoli
Europe should never have started dropping bombs in Libya, in my opinion. Regime change and bombs for peace usually do not work. When will we ever learn?

Won’t Stop Till The Motherfucking Top
Listening to lots of Kanye, just had to throw down on all the haters out there. Lamely enough, I have haters.

Jogging Downhill
As far as I can tell, I haven’t changed much in 20 years. Matured, become a better worker and person in general, but my joy for life hasn’t gone anywhere. I thin that’s why I love working with young people so much.

Knowing Plants
Living in cities really disconnects you from nature. I’m a poet who doesn’t know the names of flowers. Pretty sad.

Our high speed development is causing all sorts of things to crash down around us. Hopefully we can build up better things, that it is hard to see how at the moment of impact.

Two Poems
Poetry can have such strong reverberations with the human heart it really is amazing. As for the poem itself, the quickest way to feel what it is like to be treated as if you were retarded and illiterate is to go to a completely different culture. Puts you in your place.

On Humanity
What would aliens think of us? I am afraid the impression we make would not be that good.

Leaps and Bounds
Technology again. We are almost like wizards in a sense, at least we would be in the eyes of our ancestors.

The Rumble of the Gods
Fukushima reminded us how fragile all this technology is. No wonder people created gods to explain the raw force of nature.

Time to move on methinks. I’ve started looking around. Wish me luck.

Ode to The Bloop
There’s so much further mankind has to develop. Hope we can break out of our shell and learn to fly.

My Stupidest Students
Never look down on students. They may not know what you know, but thy may have many other talents.

Gay Co Worker
Went out drinking and found out. Happy to see people happy, whatever their orientation. Too many aren’t.

Amazing little creatures. Pure psychopathic machine. Also slang for a 100 person plus orgie.

Then and Now
As I kid I was so envious of adults, and it always seemed strange how envious they were of me. Now I know.

Waking up to my wife’s face is a joy. Her rituals hide her true beauty.

The Peddler
English teacher as peddler of words. Pretty cute. Where do I come up with these things?

Of Love and Pain
We are getting to that point of giving up on ever having children. As long as I have her I can be happy, and giving up also means no more painful miscarriages. I am ready for that. Is she?

Ode to Youth Wasted
Youth should be wasted, up to a point. If the young were as calculating with their time as adults, what a dull life it would be.

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