Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Hand of Okinawa

When Satsuma swords
Robbed you of yours
You turned your hands and feet
To weapons of their defeat

But the Ryukyu kingdom did go
Absorbed into greedy Yamato
When Funakoshi was exiled from you
He spent his life among the Yamatonochu

Teaching their elite the empty hand
While they held contempt for their fellow man
Put with Koreans and Africans in their Human Museum
Tokyoites would pay money to see them

Of course Funakoshi hid the secrets
In simple dancing moves for idiots
Only those respectful of Okinawa-te
Can unlock the wisdom hid away

Yamato’s greed was its downfall
The Yankee horde crushed its armies all
The debt was paid in Okinawan blood
Two blinding flashes united them in victimhood

The same hand that plucks the sanshin
Strikes down foes with zanshin
This now empty hand, once Chinese
Is free to move as it may please

I humbly take the hand of Shuri
Which has given so much to me
Peace of mind and heart and health
There could be no greater wealth

Some take the hand in arrogance
And boastful of their karate dance
Think a white suit improves their mojo
Strut and bully in their dojo

That is why I train alone
In a park my skills I hone
With pages of Kanezawa and his mentors
I avoid the throng of blackbelt vendors

Those who see me and feel sorry
Have never heard of yamakomori
What I lose in fighting prowess
I gain in peace and humbleness

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