Sunday, August 21, 2011

Modern Cave, Man

Think we’ve come so far technologically?
I know we’re reversing anthropologically
Fruit picking cro magnon straightened his spine
While clicking this mouse is curving mine
He spotted distant tiny game with his eye
This tiny screen reddens my peepers till I cry
To stone caves he returned with game
My concrete pad is a cavern in all but name
It’s freezing in winter even with a heat fan
And in summer I sit nakeder than a caveman
Least those guys had the ice age to cool them
Our global warming has ruined earth’s system
My continent crossing frozen Thulian forebears
Would never have to walk round in their underwears
I’m embarrassing my wife and scaring the neighbors
While my ancestors would just carry on with their labours
And although I’m WiFi connected to the digital plane
I still get caught with no umbrella in the summer rain
We modern people think all this info makes us smarter
It just makes us less able to choose what we ought to
One thing for certain with this internet revolution
No doubt it is the start of our de-evolution

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