Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Naked Truths

Listen children to me
We are not born sinners
But make ourselves feel guilty
And only we can forgive us

Breasts and cock are not dirty parts
It is how you use them
The filth is in our hearts
And how we choose to view things

It is as natural to be nude
For a newborn baby
As for a young woman or old dude
Who cast off their cloaks of shame

Never think women whores
Because of thongs and miniskirts
It is the hypocrisy of our mores
To do this and forgive bikinis

Burqas to conceal feminine beauty
Are just bodily oppression
A weak-minded male imposed duty
To save them from their obsession

If we hated ourselves less
And learned to love our bodies
We’d feel less unease undressed
And learn to face the naked truth

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