Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game On - First Poem Back

The hiatus has ended, the results were unsatisfactory but it was a great learning experience. Stopping for so long has made my poetry muscles weak. Vanity muscles. Here's the latest poem to herald my return.

Deserted City

Thanks to you
I walked down the deserted alleyways
Below the seventh street bridge
To Kamo river
By grown over bikes
And abandoned parks

You always send me down roads
I'd never go myself
I met jogging homeless
Saw a man netfishing
In Kamo river
All he caught
Was a condom and tetanus

I wish you had stayed
At least another day
With me as I climbed
Past third street
Where people in gaily colored silk
Whitened belts and blackened clothes
Danced on the old cobblestones
Besides Kamo river

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