Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Modern Anthropology I

 I do not speak
This modern language of clothes
In sweat pants and Chinese hat
To work I do go

I see in the faces
Of morning bus riders
Disgust and disdain
For my casual attire

They do not know
I change in my office
They judge without thinking
That’s how tribal law is

Listen, I’d wear a pin stripe suit to bed
If it’d make me a better teacher
But it’s the man not the clothes
That teaches and reaches you

I do not speak this language of clothes
Or wish to know its taboos or to dos
I only know how primitive it is
When superficial judgments we choose to use

Perhaps they are right to judge by my wear
Perhaps I am a savage in modern dress
The truth is that I really don’t care
That’s my civil response to this world’s savageness

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