Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Economies of Thought

Europe swirls around the drain
As America cries out in pain
When their tickertapes come to rest
Will we see the fallen West?

The start of Asia’s hundred years
Realization of a hundred Chinese fears
Between Bear claws and Bull horns
A new world will be bloodily born

Before we rail at Oriental specters
We’d best our own vampires hector
Those who suck the people’s lifeblood
Dried up society’s investing flood

We ourselves asked for trouble
When we set our hopes on bubbles
If in Mammon we blindly trust
We chain ourselves to booms and busts

Perhaps the change from yin to yang
Is fitting for us the Damned
If the East is equally cursed
They could hardly fuck things up worse

1 comment:

  1. All very true. One thing all we humans have in common is that we're so good at fucking things up. The US has built an empire on the unsustainable foundation of infinite growth in a finite world, managing to get most of the rest of the world to build on the same ground. As resources continue to deplete at an ever increasing rate, so too does the inevitability of major resource conflict, indeed it already defines our times. The "winner" of such a conflict will have a prize very different from they one they perhaps expected.