Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Misogyny

Women rise up
When they splash acid in your face
Because you refused their advances
When they chop off your fingers
For going to school
When they beat you with sticks
For letting your hair down
When they whip you
For driving a car
When their laws don’t protect you
Against any of these
Rise up
Do not lay down
Do not let them lay you down

Men rise up
When your brother throws acid at women
Disown him
When your uncle takes away her writing
Turn him out
When your son beats her with a stick
Beat him with a stick
When your father uses a whip on her naked back
Snatch it from his hands and whip his face bloody
When your laws are broken and let her suffer
Mend them as you would a fence or the net you need to live
Men rise up
Women gave you birth
Do not let your brothers give her death

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