Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ode to the Muzak Makers

Hello, Ted here. I've been busy as hell shuttling back and forth to Osaka, so you may have noticed a slowdown. The good news is I am back with a ton of poetry scribbled while on trains and subways, poetry I feel  has some new bite to it inspired by the big city. Enjoy:

Ode to the Muzak Makers

Do you feel any pride
That my airplane ride
Is made melancholy by your clarinet cover
Of Charles Aznevour’s ‘La Mer’?
Or that your strains drift in and out of mind
As my mind drifts in and out of consciousness

Did you work hard I’d like to know
To master Spanish guitar and violin
To make your interpretation
Of ‘A Groovy Kind of Love’
That filters through the fertility clinic
Where we wait miserably
With only your music to console us

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