Saturday, January 21, 2012

Osaka Garuzu

These Osaka garuzu sure look grand
But it’s all smoke and mirrors, my man
Go down to Shinsaibashi shops and listen in
“Wear this coat if you want to look slim
That skirts hides, that one reveals your thighs
This powder shrinks your nose, that one accentuates your eyes”
You’ll see the shapechanging sorceresses
Who beguile the boys with their dresses
But see that mousey girl in uniform
Who seems the image of the norm?
Selling pork cutlets in the lunchtime light
That is her! The Venus from last night
Ten times realer in white socks and flats
Than wobbling in pin heels and fishnets
To avoid a shock when in bed you wake up
Make sure you see your angel without makeup
For a love to last throughout your age
Love the person not just the image

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