Sunday, February 19, 2012

American Highway Story

When I was a younger man
I rode your ribbon from west to east
All the way to my icy homeland
In an ancient metal beast

First day, outskirts of the angel’s haven
In my mirror red and blue lights
Pulled into the front of a 7-11
Watched troopers and illegals fight

Like a dutiful Canadian I did stop
Thinking the lights and sirens were for me
Finally approached by a lone cop
Who pulled his weapon free

“Boy, why did you stop?” The trooper spoke
“I saw your lights behind me”
“Do you know these folks?”
“No, I just stopped for authority.”

The trooper was mystified
“Boy, where you from?” he said
“Canada” I replied
He sheathed his gun and shook his head

“Boy, go on out of here
Have a safe trip across America
But one thing I want you to be clear
Never stop for anything you saw”

I thanked him and we drove on
Through Nevada’s desert, Utah’s chill
Past badland hoodoos and suburban lawns
Nearly burnt the engine on Colorado’s hills

We shot through the corn states silently
Then through Michigan’s rusted heart
Up New York’s coast of golden-leaved trees
And at Maine’s border we parted

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