Monday, February 13, 2012

Wise Up Suckers!

When we open eyes on this insane place
Tabla rasa, hungry mouth and eyes
Not even words to give order to our space
Piss and shit factory that screams and cries
Born suckers for any con that comes along
Playing peek-a-boo happily for hours
No clue as to what is right or wrong
Believing greedily all things to be ours
As we grow, some drop their blindfolds
See how the world works behind the curtain
Learn to question all they’ve been told
Realize that nothing is ever certain
But too many want to stay lost for life
Happy to follow any given order
In conformity they seek to avoid strife
Never challenging their world’s borders
But most of us remain in between
Not quite sheep but not quite poets
Sensing there is a truth to set us free
But lacking the means to show it
Yet greater lights have walked this path
Their second hand wisdom is better than none
Start with the poets, read some Wilde
Go back and find Shakespeare or Donne
If the truth of fiction is not to your taste man
The philosophers will steer you right
Nietzsche peered into the modern wasteland
McLuhan and Chomsky turned back our night
In life there is no manual of use
We start dumb, but how we finish
Depends on whether we seek or deny truth
It is up to us to rise or diminish

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