Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bugs in The System + Slowdown Report

BUGS IN THE SYSTEM (unfinished)

When life is a broken app
So easy to fall through a crack
Can’t turn back can’t go forward
Things end up turning morbid
You want to reboot and start over again

You’ve found a bug in the system
And there’s nobody here who can fix it
Just trapped like a bug in the kitchen
Waiting for something to squish it

Life feels like some big game
God played in his mainframe
If there ever was a creator
He must be coming back later
Because he isn’t paying attention here now

We’re all just bugs in the system
Looking for someone to fix us
Dodging rocks as fast as they pitch them
Hoping the better team picks us

Going on a trip for a few days. Back the 12th with some good memories and a fistful of clear sky poems.

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