Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Jobs

Job is such a dirty word
Blow job, lube job
Con job, boob job

And the first job
Is always dirtiest
Washing dishes till morning
Driving vans at night
Painting warped fences
Moving cans in the storeroom

The first job
Is a dirty deal
You are screwed for being young
The only thing that makes it doable
Is being young

So smoke pot in that kitchen
Blare the stereo in that van
Have paint fights
Drink a beer in the cooler
Steal sandwiches from the tray
(You know how much you steal
Is calculated in minimum wage, right?)

After work
Go to that all-night party exhausted
Or drive the streets silently with friends
Break into the park pool for a dip
Walk the summer streets of the city
Bask in the radiation of youth

Although the jobs will get cleaner
You will never be this clean, this pure

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