Saturday, July 28, 2012

Red Planets

The first bootprints on Mars
Mankind’s mark on that red soil
Will read ‘Made in China’ and be
Made from sweatshop toil

Build another mega-church
Forget about a moonbase
When churches don’t pay taxes
America can’t afford the space race

Space in English will stay orbital
Floating hotels and low gee sex
The rich’s highest playground
Dreaming of nothing next

Russian space will be for work
Ferrying payloads for others
Astronauts will pay for rides
While at home NASA smothers

No more freeze dried apple pie
Eaten with a spork
But a pair of plastic chopsticks
For mabodofu and mushu pork

I do not say that it is bad
That English space will die
I’ve already seen the future
In an episode of Firefly

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