Thursday, September 27, 2012

Young people of China and Japan

Young people of China and Japan
You do not need to hate each other
To satisfy your ancestors’ ghosts

You were not obliged to destroy Nanking then
Just as you are not obliged now
To destroy your workplaces and cars in Xia

There was no need then
Of ‘No Chinese or dogs allowed’ signs in Hong Kong parks
There is no need now
Of ‘Islands belong to China. Temporarily not serving Japanese people’
Signs on Canadian karaoke parlors

You learned the hard way in 1945
That making some men gods above others
Makes life as fleeting as cherry blossoms
You do not need to learn again
That putting The State above your humanity
Makes men less than animals

There is no need to assert
That islands are connected to China
Through Taiwan undersea
Or to Japan
Through years of ownership and settlement
When the entire world is connected
Each shore to shore
Each nation to nation
Every person to person

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