Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Mothers and fathers of America
Brave and free
Now is the time
To crowd the Capitol steps
With you and your children
Show in your numbers
You are not to be trifled with
By the lawmakers of the land
Or the lobbyists who own them
Or the merchants of pocket size murder
Whose factories churn out unending tragedy
For you and your neighbors

Teachers and students of America
Bowed but unbroken
Now is the time
To find the gun lovers
To study their ways and days
Show their lies
The pockets they have lined
Of lawmakers of the land
Expose the lobbyists who own them
Shackle the merchants of murder
Shutter the factories of unending tragedy
And save you and your neighbors

Brothers and sisters of America
Despaired and divided
Now is the time
To put history behind you
And put life first
To return safety to streets and schools
Fight for peace and stability
Order the lawmakers of your land
To turn out the lobbyists who blind them
Muzzle the merchants of murder
Turn factories of tragedy to better ends
And save your country for old and young

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