Sunday, August 25, 2013


Heard the jackboots in the hall
No chance they’re here for me at all
Those goddamn queers they took away
Their fault for choosing to be gay
Turned and went back to sleep

Jackboots came again this morning
Striding softly without warning
Kicked down the door
Of that half-dressed whore
Smiled and drifted back to sleep

Hello old jackboots I hear
Shaking the floor as you draw near
Those muslims you can take
From noisy prayers give me a break
Yawned and turned back to sleep

Jackboots jackboots came again
This time for my dear old friend
Warned him not to go protest
Got himself into this mess
Took me some time to get back to sleep

Today cannot believe my ears
Tromp of jackboots drawing near
Echoing in the corridor
Till they stop at my front door
Please tell me I’m still asleep

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