Thursday, June 23, 2016

Silence Thirst

I am dying for a drop
Of silence

I need
To hear the thrum
Of my own engine
To put my finger
In the broken dam
Of media
To step back
From the deep chasm
Of other people
To be alone
Instead of just
Feeling alone
I long to hear
Clouds creeping and grass growing

O quiet land of birth
I am coming soon


  1. I like this, Ted. Being alone is a treasure, worthwhile to long for. How are ya?

    1. Hi Glen.
      Phd n power harassment have made me nicely anti-social. Also appreciate Canada more. Gonna try and get back I think. Currently in Newfoundland recuperating from it all. Hope you're doing well.

  2. Oh, why in Nfld? Re-location for work, or vacation? Try and make it out to the Rockies, if you have a chance.

    1. Vacation with my ma and siblings in St. John's. Also spent a few days in north Ontario, and some traveling in Alberta. First time in the Rockies, Jasper and Banff were spectacular, although appreciated quiet of Canmore as well. Back in Japan, hating it less after a great vacation, but looking at an exit strategy...